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Yellowstone Area Businesses Working to Protect Diverse Wildlife Populations

Tourists visiting Yellowstone spend money at our many local businesses to help them create a trip of a lifetime. In light of last year's negative press on the disproportionate wolf hunting just north of Yellowstone in 2022 (which our businesses successfully lobbied to reverse), an increase in cougar quotas (of 175%) around the Park in 2023, a grizzly bear management plan (in preparation for de-listing), and a position statement opposing all three YNP alternatives for bison populations (in spite of the fact that FWP has no jurisdiction of bison inside the Park), these customers are trying to decide if they should return to Montana's region or go elsewhere to spend their money. We have suggested another approach. Spend money on our growing list of 150+ businesses that support sustainable biodiversity in the Greater Yellowstone. If you operate a business near Yellowstone, sign-up below and help visitors educate themselves on what your business does to enhance our wild places. If you're a visitor, learn more about our position on wolf management near Yellowstone and share your feedback here. And learn more about our other "wild" efforts here.

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