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Sustaining Paradise 
Tourism Business Survey


As a business owner or operator who depends, in whole or in part, on outdoor recreation and tourism, your insight and experiences are invaluable to the Sustaining Paradise business survey. This project is run by and for tourism-related businesses in Park County Montana and the unique perspectives and challenges faced by businesses like yours. By sharing your experiences, you’re contributing to a foundation for actionable strategies that will benefit not only our natural surroundings but also the economic and ecological sustainability of our businesses. 

Project Aim:

Our goal is to compile a detailed report that identifies the critical concerns affecting our tourism-related economy's ability to operate sustainably and successfully into the future. The results of this survey will lead directly to a set of hosted workshops which will further hone the issues that “keep us up at night” and direct the development of recommendations—solutions targeted to improve both the natural resources on which our businesses depend and the overall longevity and prosperity of our businesses.

Your Participation and Privacy:

We deeply value your contribution and assure you that participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. You have the freedom to remain anonymous if you choose, and there is no obligation to answer any of the sensitive information questions. Please be assured, all information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and adhere to GDPR regulations. The data collected will be used solely to craft generalized business profiles, capturing the attitudes and opinions prevalent within our community. While specific responses may be highlighted to illustrate points, they will be presented anonymously, ensuring no direct attribution to any individual or business.

Qualifying Businesses:

Any business with at least 20% of their revenues coming from or due to tourism visitation in our area.

Availability of Data:

Those who take the survey will be presented with the results at our four face-to-face gatherings in Fall of 2024. After input from business owners, a report will be written and presented to government agencies and the public.

If you have any questions regarding the survey or upcoming events, email Evan Stout at or Whitney Tilt at

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